Yes! You just took the first step to integrating the absolute most proven way to become the most productive and lucrative online expert by developing your own Success Rituals and strategic plan alongside us in our upcoming challenge!

I’m excited for you to join the hundreds of like-minded others who are committed to creating the world we want to live and lead in, together.

You signing up is a BIG deal…this small, yet significant, action reinforces to your brain that you’re ready to get seen, heard and paid more because you’re an expert leader that the world needs more of.

Please take the next 7 minutes to read and take action on the 6 Steps in this entire email so you can maximize your results. Print it out if you need to, because it’s important that you get all of the instructions to win.

Step 1: The Success Rituals Challenge will be happening inside of the Small Business Support Squad Facebook group.

* Note – there are questions required to join the Facebook group. If you don’t answer them, our team automatically declines your request. So, make sure to answer the questions or else you won’t be able to join the dialogue for each daily livestream.

Click here to join.

Step 2: Block out 60 minutes daily at 10:00am PT / 1:00pm ET from July 27 – July 31
You will receive a teaching and action prompt via the email you used to register for the Success Rituals Challenge with. Each day there will be a 45-minute training live streamed into the Facebook group to help you understand the importance of the action prompt for the day. We’ve found that Players who complete the daily action prompt right after the livestream experience the most business transformation & breakthrough.

Step 3: Daily reminders and recaps will be sent in your email and also from our chat concierge, Brandi.
You’re a busy human. At any time, a number of things will compete for your attention so it’s very easy to be distracted. To help remind you about this commitment you’ve made to your business, we can send you multiple reminders to participate in the challenge to grow your business.

If you want reminders directly on Facebook, use this link.
If you want reminders via text, use this link.
If you only want reminders via email, no action is necessary.

Step 4: Helping more entrepreneurs develop their Success Rituals
We are firm believers that the world would be a better place if there were solid, profitable values-driven small businesses. We know that a profitable business begins with having the proper Success Rituals in place. To this end, we have an extra bonus that we want to give you.
If we have 2,000 entrepreneurs sign up for this challenge by July 29 at 10:00am, we’ll give every participant the “Influence Confidently” mini-course and workbook. Invite your friends so we can help more impact more lives!

If you want that bonus, here’s some recommended language and the link to share on your social media feed:

“We need more leaders like us sharing, caring and daring to get seen, heard and paid more. If you agree that you’re an expert the world needs to know, play the Success Rituals Challenge with me. Just RSVP here:

Step 5: The Contest and how you can Win Big
Finally, we know that while the real prize is consistently & confidently showing up for your business, everyone loves a good contest. When you participate in each action prompt, following the rules as listed below, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win the “Magnetic Content Creation” mini-course and 90 days of content ideas.

The rules are simple:
–  Complete the action for the day
–  Take a screenshot
–  Share it in the daily posting thread with #6InchesToSuccess
–  Do this by 11:59pm PT

You must do it every day to be entered to win.

Step 6: Receiving all daily prompts
There’s nothing more frustrating than expecting an email in your inbox for it to never arrive – especially if you want to win the “Magnetic Content Creation” mini-course. To make sure you receive each of the daily teaching and action prompts, reply back to the email I just sent to you and let me know what you’re most excited for! (when you do that, you’re sending a signal that you want these emails, and they won’t end up in your spam folder).

Bonus: Register for the FREE Masterclass
The Success Rituals Challenge will help you to build momentum in your business – the bonus Masterclass will teach you how to move that momentum into marketing and selling your expertise online with unshakeable confidence. This masterclass is full of the tried and true practices that I’ve experienced during my journey as an entrepreneur and have taught students to implement to great success.

I strongly encourage you to register and get your seat for this bonus masterclass, today. To register, use this link.

Be sure to complete each of these 6 Steps so you’re set up for ultimate success in the Success Rituals Challenge.

I can’t wait to help you grow your online expert business with life-changing success!