Day 1 - The Courage to Do Things Differently

Welcome to Success Rituals!

Over the next 5 days we’re going to be deep into the underlying foundation of every great entrepreneur – their daily success rituals.

You ready?

Today’s Prompt
Today’s Success Ritual is all about Courage. Set aside 20 minutes, grab a journal, and answer this question: “What am I willing to do differently this year to make sure I achieve my goals?”

Go as in-depth (or not) as you’d like. Remember to look at both life and business, as they’re both crucial components of where Courage factors in.

Share your takeaway from today’s journaling exercise on the posting thread on my Facebook Business Page. If you want to exercise your courage muscle even more, share it publicly on social media as well! You don’t have to get too personal with your reflections – simply make a commitment to have Courage and reach your 2019 goals! Use the hashtags #SuccessRituals2019 #Day1



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