Day 3 - Systemizing for Success and Scale

Welcome to Day 3 of Success Rituals!

From an operational point of view, today’s prompt is the most important to the growth of your business.

Let’s jump right in.

Today’s Prompt
Today’s prompt is around Systemizing for Success and Scale. Now don’t let those internet streets out there fool you – there is no simple way to magically do this over the course of 6 weeks (no matter what any Facebook ad may tell you!)

However, with strategic planning and care, you can set yourself up to get help with running your business so that you can truly scale your reach + impact + income.

So today, set 20 minutes on the clock and complete this exercise:

  • Make a list of every single task you do in your business.
  • Identify which of the tasks that you are the only person on the planet who is capable of doing it.
  • Everything else can be delegated (and sometimes even deleted) off. What’s your immediate next steps to get those supports in place?

Share your takeaway from today’s journaling exercise on the thread on my Facebook Business Page. If you want to exercise your courage muscle even more, share it publicly on social media as well! You don’t have to get too personal with your reflections – simply make a commitment to Systemize your business for Success and Scale! #SuccessRituals2019 #Day3



One of the best practices I’ve found to force this process is to purchase a plane ticket, a hotel room and attend a conference. Creating this deadline incentivizes me to focus on passing tasks off because if I don’t, my business burns down when I’m gone (and that’s another story).

Remember how in Day 1 we talked about the Courage to do things differently? I want to add an extra level to the challenge – buy a plane ticket and hotel room right now for the first week of April and attend my live event Seen Heard Paid Live.

You’ll accomplish two goals at once, systemize your business and learn next level strategies to implement as soon as you get back.

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