Day 5 - The Power of Moments

Welcome to the 5th and final day of Success Rituals!

I hope that you found a ton of value in the content I shared over the last five days. I can’t emphasize enough just how important these five daily practices have been to the growth of my business.

Today’s Prompt
Today, I want you to reflect on the powerful moments you’ve had in your own life. Create a list numbered 1-20 and then share 20 of the most powerful moments you remember in your journey of life and business.

  • Why do those stand out to you?
  • As you look at the #wins and lessons learned, what comes up for you?
  • And how can you pay it forward and create powerful moments for your audience?

Share your takeaway from today’s journaling exercise on the thread on my Facebook Business Page. If you want to begin attracting this tribe of peers, share it publicly on social media as well! If you’re feeling courageous, share the commitment you’re making to create powerful moments for your audience publicly on your social media feed! #SuccessRituals2019 #Day5



At the end of all this, I really want you to think about joining me at Seen Heard Paid Live.

If you remember 2008 then you remember that the market took a turn for the worse and it really hurt a lot of businesses.

And I was one of those businesses. I went from being a thirty one year old CEO of a $12 million brick and mortar apparel business to having $200 in my pocket.

I learned from that mistake – trust me when I say that all the signs are pointing towards another recession.

This year is all about making sure my students are preparing their brand for the inevitable and I’ll be doing the bulk of my teaching at my entrepreneurs only conference, Seen Heard Paid Live..

I will be teaching very heavily on how to reposition your brand to be recession proof to come out on top when the market gets shaken up while continuing to execute on the best practices and strategies that are working (for now).

If 2008 hit you hard then you know exactly how important this is for your business.

I hope to see you at Seen Heard Paid Live.

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